Should you have an estate sale to declutter your home? Or maybe you are thinking about having an estate sale because you’re moving into an assisted living facility. Estate sales can be the perfect place for a collector or thrifty shopper to find items that were once treasured.  But you may have wondered how estate sales work and if they are the best choice for families who need to clear out a home after a loved one has moved into assisted living facility, moved in with a family member, or passed away.

Estate sales, or tag sales, are typically organized by professional companies and include the entire contents of a home.  Each estate sale auctioneer has their own pricing system but generally they take a percentage of the total sales.  The auctioneer will organize, price and advertise the sale.  Often times, the estate sale company will also clear out the house after the sale is completed with the left overs being donated to charity. The auctioneer typically takes 25-35 percent of the total sale.  Although this percentage may seem high, it is often worth the price to save family from trying to do everything on their own.

Estate sales can be a good choice for families who live far away from the home that must be sold.  Estate sale professionals will know how to keep things running smoothly.  If you are considering an estate sale, be sure to ask lots of questions to prospective estate sale companies, for instance; how much you can anticipate earning from the proceeds of the estate sale? Does the company that you hire have experts to price items that may be valuable?  It is important to make sure that the company you choose is bonded and able to provide references.


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