Doc, You’re Fired; 3 Reasons to Fire your Provider!

Tracy E. Bingaman, MSPAS, PA-C


As patients, caregivers, and consumers in the healthcare system, we often forget that we are employing a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or other professional caregiver to care for us. If you think your current provider isn’t the best one for you, consider these three reasons it may be time to fire your provider!


  1. You don’t like them!

The first and most difficult one is that you simply don’t like the provider. You may feel that they don’t treat you with respect, listen to your concerns, or value your opinion.  If you don’t feel you or your loved one are being treated well, either emotionally or medically, or that your concerns are “falling on deaf ears” you need a new provider!


  1. They don’t remember you.

If you have been seeing a provider for a number of visits, and each time they treat you as though you are a new patient, don’t’ remember you, or don’t take time to review your records, it’s time to find someone who will respect, value, and remember you!


  1. They leave you in the dark.

If your care provider doesn’t explain conditions, treatments, or your options clearly, it’s time to consider moving on. An excellent provider should be able to explain things at a language and level that the patient and family can understand the name of the condition, basics of how it works, what the treatments are and how they work, and options or choices going forward.


If you are experiencing any of these three issues with your current provider or you feel you aren’t receiving the best possible care for you and your loved one, it’s time to be in the market for a new provider. Use our helpful Provider Locator Tool to find a new one near you!

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