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Amazon Experts Bring Italian Incontinence Products to US

Today, 25 million Americans are affected by either bladder control or bowel control issues, says the National Association for Continence (NAFC). Worldwide, 200 million people— men and women alike (though women are four to five times more likely to experience the...

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Estate sales to declutter your home

Should you have an estate sale to declutter your home? Or maybe you are thinking about having an estate sale because you're moving into an assisted living facility. Estate sales can be the perfect place for a collector or thrifty shopper to find items that were once...

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When The Caregiver Is No Longer Caregiving

Caring for a loved-one can be an exhausting and overwhelming responsibility.  But, when the loved-one passes away, caregivers are often left feeling a wide range of emotions.   It is not uncommon for caregivers to feel relief when the end arrives especially after a...

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Do Seniors Need A Multivitamin

Do seniors need a multivitamin? That depends - Seniors who eat a well-rounded diet may not need a daily multivitamin to fill in any gaps in nutrition, however some older adults do not always eat as balanced a diet as they should which can lead to lack of nutrition and...

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Tips To Curb Winter Snacking

Tips To Curb Winter Snacking Unfortunately, it’s easy to gain unwanted pounds over the winter months when we’re stuck inside.  We crave comfort foods and getting outside regularly for a change of scenery may become difficult.  If you are homebound, the temptation to...

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Medicare Benefits You Should Know About

You’re Covered; 4 Little-Known Medicare Benefits Tracy E. Bingaman, MSPAS, PA-C   Medicare has several unknown and underutilized benefits that older Americans should be taking advantage of in the future! Read on to find four interesting coverage areas you may...

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Finding A Doctor

Finding a Doctor 3 Questions to ask your Doctor before becoming their patient Tracy E. Bingaman, MSPAS, PA-C   Choosing a Provider, from a Family Doctor to an Interventional Cardiologist, can be a daunting task. Before choosing a Provider, here are three must-ask...

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When To Find A New Doctor?

Doc, You’re Fired; 3 Reasons to Fire your Provider! Tracy E. Bingaman, MSPAS, PA-C   As patients, caregivers, and consumers in the healthcare system, we often forget that we are employing a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or other professional...

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