You’re Covered; 4 Little-Known Medicare Benefits

Tracy E. Bingaman, MSPAS, PA-C


Medicare has several unknown and underutilized benefits that older Americans should be taking advantage of in the future! Read on to find four interesting coverage areas you may benefit from:



1.Continuous glucose monitoring for Diabetic patients.

With over 25 million older adults diagnosed with diabetes in the United States, continuous glucose monitoring strips and test kits are more valuable, more needed, than ever.



2. Bedside commodes

Individuals who cannot make it to the bathroom due to household logistics or medical concerns can have a bedside commode paid for by Medicare.



3. Balance exam

Seniors have great difficulty recovering from fractures and falls, so why not leverage Medicare to help avoid falls altogether? Balance exams, covered under certain Medicare plans, are intended to identify balance issues that may cause problems in the future.



4. Obesity counseling and services

Obese patients with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of >30 qualify for free counseling through Medicare and your primary care provider (PCP) and also covers many cases of Bariatric Surgery.


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