Should Seniors Use Rideshare Apps?

Rideshare apps have become increasingly popular over the last few years and seniors are taking advantage of the convenience of using them. Apps like Uber and Lyft can get seniors to doctor’s appointments, church services, or anywhere else they need to go.

Ridesharing apps are incredibly reliable. Because drivers are profiled and carefully monitored while on the job, these businesses feature extremely high success and on-time rates. If your parent needs to get to a doctors appointment, waiting for a bus or public transportation can be a problem. Coordinating bus schedules and appointment times can be confusing and if they have a medical condition they may not be able to wait at a bus stop for long periods of time. In these cases, ridesharing apps will arrive within minutes and get your parent to their destination in a  reliable fashion. Drivers go through a rigorous screening process to apply, and you can see detailed information about your driver when you sign up for a ride. Seniors are often the victims of theft or harassment, but you can rest assured that ridesharing drivers are trustworthy. Easy, straightforward transportation options are best for seniors, and this is exactly what ridesharing achieves. It allows you to focus on your destination instead of whether you will get there.

Transportation options:
Transportation options for seniors are naturally limited if they have trouble walking to a bus stop or use a wheelchair. Most buses are elevated above the ground and have steps which means boarding can be a struggle. While ramps and careful boarding can help, buses often run on strict schedules and need to leave promptly which can make boarding in a hurry a problem for seniors. Taxis can be convenient as well, but their fees are extraordinarily high when used on a daily basis. In addition, it can be hard to direct them to relatively unknown locations. Ridesharing apps solve many of these problems. Because you can specify an extra large vehicle, you can transport a wheelchair or walker. When you use ridesharing apps on a regular basis, you become eligible for discounts and user benefits. On the other hand, taxis are operated independently and are not nearly as flexible in terms of rates.

Ridesharing apps may may have started with the younger generation, but there is no reason that seniors should shy away from this service. Using this technology, you can get to your destination quickly and safely.

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