Think before you fall; 4 Steps to help avoid falls at home

Tracy E. Bingaman, MSPAS, PA-C


Twenty Five percent of older Americans fall each year. Falls account for more injuries than any other trauma in patients over the age of sixty five.  Knowing this about falls and elderly loved ones, how do we keep them safe and at home? These Four Simple Steps can help keep loved ones safe at home:

1. Remodel the Surroundings

Home remodeling to meet the changing needs of our loved ones is a necessity. Think about stairs, transferring, bathrooms, and wheelchair or equipment accommodation when planning remodeling for adaptation.


2. Find a Balance

Balance and Gait are contributing factors to instability and falling. Physical Therapy can help with ongoing rehabilitation exercises. Use our Provider Locator search toolbar to find a local Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation program.


3. Assess the Risk

Speak with your loved one’s local provider to assess fall risk. Their Primary Care Provider (PCP) can also recommend rehabilitation, strength training, and other resources that can help prevent falls. If you don’t have a Primary Care Provider, our Provider Locator can help!



4. Educate your Loved One

Explain the risk of falling. Ask your family member if they are concerned about the risk of falling. Elderly individuals express an understanding of fall risk in general, but disbelief that it could happen to them. Being specific about their risk and things they can do to decrease that risk is imperative.

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