Tips To Curb Winter Snacking

Unfortunately, it’s easy to gain unwanted pounds over the winter months when we’re stuck inside.  We crave comfort foods and getting outside regularly for a change of scenery may become difficult.  If you are homebound, the temptation to snack can be hard to combat.

Maintaining as active a lifestyle as possible helps seniors sustain a healthy weight and preserve physical function. Regular exercise is important; whether it’s on a treadmill in the basement, walking the mall with friends or signing up for a gym membership.  Still, the social events that take place this time of year are centered around eating and drinking, which makes it difficult to stay on track. 

How can you curb snacking?

  • Send snacks home with guests
  • Stock the fridge with healthy snacks
  • Figure out what triggers snacking maybe it is emotional or boredom
  • Drink a cup of hot tea at night when you would usually snack 
  • Keep your hands and mind busy with a craft
  • Fill up on fiber and protein during mealtime
  • Keep your blood sugar in check if you are diabetic, high blood sugar will cause hunger

Many of us bury ourselves in blankets and hibernate in the winter as we unintentionally add calories to our diet preparing for the cold, dark months ahead.  The predisposition to load up on calories dates back to a time when food was scarce in the winter and humans required more calories which were used to stay warm.  Though we no longer need the added calories in the winter months, we still crave them nevertheless.

Half the battle is understanding why we crave certain foods and the other half is doing something about it!


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