As our parents age they may require more support and in some cases a higher level of medical care it may become necessary for your parent to move closer to family members who can oversee their care. Coordinating a long-distance move for an aging parent is complicated enough, but coordinating a move for a medically fragile parent can be very stressful.

Believe it or not there are companies that specialize in long distance medical transport and they are more affordable than you may think.

Considerations for Long Distance Medical Transport

  • Staff – Long distance medical transport services will typically have two certified drivers and a nurse on board.
  • Comfort – is an important consideration especially when traveling to another state or cross country. Most vehicles are equipped with full size adjustable hospital bed and chairs.
  • Family – The majority of companies will allow a family member to travel with their loved one.
  • Personal equipment – Many long-distance transport services have an area to carry and charge your personal medical equipment. They can carry a power wheelchair, dialysis equipment etc..
  • Emergency response – The vehicles are equipped with O2 and the emergency response person on board are CPR trained.

One of the distinct advantages of using a medical transport company, is that they can drive while your family member sleeps since there are typically two drivers. Having trained medical professional present can also be arrainged.

Other Services Provided During Medical Transport

  • Frequent rest stops if requested
  • Strategies and assessment of blood clots that may occur from prolonged sitting or lying
  • Blood sugar checks and insulin injections if necessary
  • Meals and specialty foods if required
  • Catheter and Colostomy bag management
  • Repositioning for comfort and pressure management

If faced with a long distance move with a fragile patient, know that there are companies available to help make the move as safe, comfortable and stress free as possible.

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