When your mobility begins to decline, getting out into your community can seem challenging. There are solutions available if driving yourself is no longer something that you can safely or comfortably do.

Public Transport Services

Public transport services are a great way for people with limited mobility to get out into the community. These services are cost effective and can provide safe, reliable transit to medical appointments and leisure activities. This service used to be confined to large metropolitan areas, today even most rural areas have local transportation services. Popular transport services include paratransit, volunteer organizations, accessible taxis, and public transportation.

Vehicle Lifts

If you are using a power mobility device like a scooter or power wheelchair, and you need to bring your power mobility with you, a Vehicle Lift will allow you to do that. Vehicle Lifts come in a wide variety of designs and can lift many different types of mobility devices. You can use an interior or exterior lift. If you have a vehicle that can accommodate your mobility device inside the vehicle you may opt for an interior lift. The interior lifts can be used with a manual wheelchair, power wheelchair or a scooter. The interior lift is mounted inside the vehicle and it has a crane style arm that will lift the device up and place it in the back of the vehicle.

Exterior lifts are generally more cost effective than an interior lift. Exterior lifts mount on a standard trailer hitch and you drive with the equipment outside of the vehicle on the carrier. If using an exterior lift, it is necessary to cover the equipment to protect it from the weather. You will need to visit a vehicle modification dealer to have this device safely installed. Most modification dealers will be able to show you a variety of lifts to find the lift that will work with your vehicle and your budget. It is common for the Veterans Affairs and State run Vocational rehabilitation programs to assist with paying for a vehicle lift.

Transport Chairs

If lugging around a standard wheelchair is too difficult, but you still need something so that you can be mobile once you get where you want to go, a lightweight transport wheelchair may be the answer. Transport Wheelchairs are used for casual transport. They are lightweight(usually about 19lbs). Transport chairs come in limited sizes. Most will easily fold for transport and they have 4 small wheels in order to keep the chair compact and lightweight.

Transport chairs are designed so that you are pushed by an attendant. It is not possible for the wheelchair user to propel the chair due to the small wheel configuration. A transport chair is not designed to be used for extended periods of time. It is a great alternative for short trips.

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